National Loan Closings - Security

Vendor/Client Security

Our first priority has always been the security of consumer information. All clients, vendors and employees securely login to access necessary data.

Consumers' confidential information is taken very seriously at National Loan Closings. Our web interface allows NLC staff to upload lender documents securely. Consumer information is safe which eliminates the possibility of information breach.

An additional layer of security is in place which blocks all vendor(s) access to all documents 24 hours after the assignment.

Web Security

NLC’s web hosted servers are not shared servers. With our dedicated hosted servers, NLC is in control of its bandwidth usage and allowance, security measures, server performance and response time. Transactions on this site are protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

Recovery Plan

On multiple occasions throughout a 24 hour period, NLC’s dedicated servers perform a full secure backup of vendor, client and consumer data including current, future and previous orders. This information is backed up securely onto geographically diverse servers many miles away (secure location) from our main servers (secure location). We take every means necessary to ensure your business and ours continues to run in the event of a natural disaster, acts of terror, or network malfunctions.